Tiled Splashback Design Tips

To have own home is the dream of each and every one’s life. To make it more beautiful there are so many ways, splash back is the great option. Tiles are one of the best ways to cover your walls and it’s very easy to clean and keep your walls neat and clean. Tiles are good for splash back; it is one of the best protecting material for walls from spill and splash near your sinks and entire kitchen. To design splash back is little bit tangy and you need to check and consider several factors, to make them noticeable given below are some of the great tips.

Tiles are very simple and speedy to implement even with block walls in San Diego for your kitchen and it gives a new and immense look to your walls. You can design your splash back in so many ways it’s all depend on your taste – you can keep it very simple, add colours, create your art. It’s all upon you what and how you want to see walls of your kitchen.

Tile the whole wall: –

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen look large tiled the whole wall. Or if you have cabinets tiled them up to there. This will give you feel of larger kitchen.

Make a focal point: –

To make kitchen more eye catchy use light or decorative tiles around the cooking area and keep contrasting tiles for rest of walls.

Choose contrasting grout: –

You can go for brick tiles to make your kitchen look cool.

Use mosaic tiles: –

Use these tiles with simple counters but don’t use other things with these otherwise it will not work for you.

Pick a pattern: –

Using a herringbone or diagonal pattern will add the complete new look for your kitchen walls and even you can use simple tiles and these design will give rich and luxury look.

Show your creativity: –

Even if you good in art and colours use your own patterns and colours.

Use a border or trim: –

To separate splash back from rest of the house walls use borders or trim for that.

Use bright coloured tiles: –

Bright colour going to enhance the beauty of the kitchen but to give modern look keep the matching kitchen appliances and utensils.

Main things to consider when looking for tiles are:

Whenever you go to choose tiles for your home, choose which best fit to your personality and style. Now a days with the help of computer it’s very easy to make vast verity in tiles that suite with each and every one personality.

Light plays important role in selecting the colour of tiles. Polished tiles to will help to make room feel larger and big, more over light tiles reflect the light also. And if you have good source of sun light in room you can go for dark coloured tiles which will give cosy feel to your room.

Keep size of room in mind while purchasing or fixing tiles. If you take big tiles it will be eye catching and room also look larger and keep the tiles vertical if the ceiling height is less. If your room is small in size then keep the same or same design ties for floor and walls it will help to make feel room larger.

Splashback Design

Given below are some of the splashback designs:

Glass splashbacks: –

It’s one of the best options for splashback though it is little bit expensive glass does not require grouting and its maintenance free, required only taking care.

Stainless steel splashbacks:-

This is very easy to clean and look very glossy, give modern feel and durable too. This will cost you little bit expensive and one thing more it gets marks or scratch very easily.

Acrylic splashbacks: –

If you don’t want to pay more for glass then you can go for acrylic splashback it’s an alternate to glass but look like glass only. It’s a durable but again you have to protect from scratch and heat.


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